Update Log


Site moved to Tsohost.

Changed all sortable pages so that they now automatically sort and display as soon as you visit them. This is much more user-friendly, and I probably neglected it only because of how freaking HUGE some of these pages will be.

Changed the abilities page to now sort feats and skills together as one unit.


Changed all occurrences of Quaron with Qoro, which is the name I'm going with from now on.


Moved entire site to a new domain: dnd.jasontank.net.

Amoebaform is now Ooze Mimicry, because generic fantasy people don't know what an amoeba is, but they sure do understand oozes!

Cleaned up all pages to be mobile-friendly.

Added sliding menu to sortable pages for easier navigation.

Made the monothot page so much easier to read.

Various other cosmetic changes.


Moved site to A Small Orange. Paid hosting again, yay!

Drain Magic and Psychic Damp are emanations again. Don't know what I was thinking there....


Quaron's Vermin Repellant now handles swarms better.

Fixed an HTML error in the titles of single-spell pages. (Oops.)

Moved most of the site from XHTML to HTML5.

Amoebaform explains how its displays are suppressed.

Added vital stats (age, weight, etc.) to the Darkaralome, Woodsprite and Half-Sprite races.

Greatly expanded the open game content of the Darkaralome, Woodsprite and Half-Sprite races.


The psionic power Absorb is now called Amoebaform and has been tweaked somewhat. The display is now auditory instead of material, the forceful explusion mechanics have been (hopefully) simplified, and it no longer interacts with the Absorb spell.

The spell Absorb has had similar tweaking of its forceful expulsion mechanics, and explicitly states that it does not interact with Amoebaform.

All psionic powers have been released as open game content: Amoebaform, Psionic Chase, Flickering, Psionic Howl, Psionic Sparks, and Psychic Damp.

Drain Magic and Psychic Damp are now 10-foot spheres instead of 10-foot emanations. (There are a number of ways you can abuse an emanation....)


Ray of Heat is now an Evocation spell instead of a Conjuration (Creation) spell. (This is in line with the 3.5E version of Ray of Frost.)

The Darkaralome god Lo'hemeh resides on the Shurrock layer of Bytopia.

Shower of Sparks has an alternate name: Globe of Sparks.

Quaron's Swarm of Gnats now has the Light descriptor, does not affect magical darkness, and its reflex save negates the spell. (Originally, the reflex save would 'halve the effect', which makes no sense.)

Doctor's Doom has always allowed spell resistance, but now it explicitly says so.


A Darkaralome's inherent spellcasting abilities are now explicitly labeled as spell-like abilities.

The wild surge tables were modified slightly: the tables now go from 1-100 instead of 0-99, and small tweaks were made to Swap and Lose, Swap and Keep, Psionic Display, Air, Earth, Fire, Negative, and Positive.

The backend was modified again to expend far less memory and processing time pulling up the various "sorting" pages.


Changed the OGC index and most subpages slightly, adding a header and some very minor CSS to them.

Changed some of the backend to simplify code.


Made explicit mention of concentration checks and how to deal with them in Scattercalm, Scatterwave, Greater Scattercalm and Greater Scatterwave.


Added a version of Teleport to the site. It is identical to the original spell, except that certain parts (Teleport Table, Mishap and False destination) have been redone to adhere to the principle that rolling higher should give the player better results. Off Target has also been simplified, using d% instead of 1d10×1d10, as that latter method is complicated and skews results towards smaller numbers.

Chase has been modified to be self-contained, not having to refer to Teleport. It is now less accurate than Greater Teleport, but slightly better than Teleport.

Monothotism was tweaked to match the area and range of Locate Object.

Lord Urik's Howl was bumped up a level and modified.


Some psionic powers were renamed or removed.

Psionic Howl was bumped up a level, moved to Telepathy (Compulsion), and was overhauled to more differentiate it from Lord Urik's Howl.

Psionic Chase is now restricted to psychoportation specialists, and was modified much like the Chase spell above.

Psychic Damp is now restricted to psychokinesis specialists.

New psychich warrior power: Flickering.

"Sorting" pages now auto-generate tables of contents: spells, disjunction, wild magic, psionics, feats and skills and magic items. Clicking on a line in the table will take you directly to that spell/item/whatever, as well as update the URL #hash for even easier bookmarking.

Added more information to the open game content listing, including spell types and dependencies.

Modified disjunction to be more in line with 3.5; a specialist disjoiner chooses any two schools to be prohibited. (Old method was prohibiting Transmutation; or any two from Evocation, Enchantment and Conjuration; or any three schools.)


Added an RSS feed.


Added Trigger, Greater Scattercalm and Greater Scatterwave to disjunction and OGC.


Added Scattercalm and Scatterwave to disjunction and OGC.

Added this update page.

Summer 2012

Moved site to 000webhost.com.

Rewrote much of the site, with great emphasis on the "sorting" pages; spells, disjunction, wild magic, psionics, feats and skills and magic items now use JQuery and sort information on the fly, while still retaining bookmarkability. (Previous method involved forms that posted to perl scripts.)

Rewrote the Open Game Content index to be more readable. Added extra links throughout. For instance, individual wild magic spells link back to the entry on wild magic, and the entry on wild magic links back to every wild magic spell.

Removed several bits of unfinished/unready content (mostly from disjunction).

Created woodsprite feats Improved Glide and Woodsprite Flight.

Made OGC the above feats, along with the Woodsprite and Half-Sprite.

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