Improved Woodsprite Flight

Prerequisite: Woodsprite with Gliding Wings, True Woodsprite Flight, Str 12, Dex 11, Con 14.

Benefit: You gain a bonus to your Fly speed and your maneuverability, and you are able to fly with heavier armor (albeit at reduced speed and maneuverability).

Special: You can take this feat up to four times. Each time, the Strength and Constitution prerequisites go up by 1. See the table below to for exact prerequisites and what benefits each feat can provide.

I.W.F. Feat Prereq. Total Bonus and Maneuverability with...
STR CON light or no armor medium armor heavy armor
1st 12 14 +10ft (poor) +0ft (clumsy) cannot fly
2nd 13 15 +20ft (average) +10ft (poor) +0ft (clumsy)
3rd 14 16 +30ft (good) +20ft (average) +10ft (poor)
4th 15 17 +40ft (perfect) +30ft (good) +20ft (average)