Level: Sor/Wiz 5
Components: V,S
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Touch
Target: Creature touched
Duration: 10 minutes/level (D)
Saving Throw: Will Negates (harmless)
Spell Resistance: Yes (harmless)

The creature touched becomes more credible to people they encounter, gaining a +20 bonus on Bluff checks made to convince others of the truth of their words. This bonus doesn't apply to other uses of the Bluff skill, such as feinting in combat, creating a diversion to hide, or communicating a hidden message via innuendo. This bonus does not stack with the bonus provided by glibness.

If a magical effect is used against the target that would detect their lies or force them to speak the truth, the user of the effect must succeed on a caster level check (1d20 + caster level) against a DC of 15 + your caster level to succeed. Failure means the effect does not detect the target's lies or force them to speak only the truth.

Credible Aura counters and dispels Unbelievability.