Wild Savant [General]

You have gained almost god-like insight into the fundamentals of Wild magic.

Prerequisite: Wild Master, Wild Mage, Imbue With Wildness, at least 15 ranks in Wild Magic, and you have learned and cast at least six different spells with the Wild descriptor.

Benefit: As Wild Master, but you may now reroll any two wild magic results each day. These can either be a Wild Magic skill rolls, or any surge rolls. You must take the result of the reroll, even if it's worse than the original roll.

Furthermore, before any major wild surge roll, you may select which target of your spell may receive its effects, or you can decide to take the effects yourself. If your chosen target isn't affected by your original spell (due to SR, saving throws, etc), the surge affects you as normal. If the surge doesn't affect a target of the spell, the surge behaves as normal.

Special: A wizard may select Wild Savant as one of his bonus feats.

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