Fae Holt Patron

Places of raw creative power, home to mysterious beings who claim to have made the world. Several exist, and the beings within may grant slightly different abilities than those below.

1st entangle, 2nd cat's grace, 3rd haste, 4th freedom of movement, 5th tree stride, 6th mass cat's grace, 7th animate plants, 8th frightful aspect, 9th overwhelming presence.

Jalakala Patron

A place of corruption and entropy, the creation of "fallen" fae. Several minor versions of this place exist, most notably the former city of Ruhl. The dark beings who created these places (or merely dwell within) may grant the abilities below, or something like them.

1st unshakeable chill, 2nd fester wound, 3rd twilight knife, 4th black tentacles, 5th mislead, 6th remove magic, 7th finger of death, 8th horrid wilting, 9th wail of the banshee.

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