The Holy Heroic Blow
Level: Clr 4, Pal 4
Components: V,S,DF,M
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Touch
Targets: One willing person and a melee weapon he is holding
Duration: Up to 3 rounds (see below)
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: No

This spell gives the target exactly one attack, with whatever hand-held melee weapon he desires, and gives him an automatic hit that causes double the weapon's maximum critical-hit damage. (Note that doubling a 2x is 3x, doubling a 3x is 4x, and so on.) Any damage bonuses (or penalties) are also doubled. If the target of the attack is immune to critical hits or could not normally be harmed by the weapon (e.g. a werewolf being attacked with a regular crossbow bolt, or a vampiric mist being attacked by a thrown rock,) the attack still hits, but only doubles the weapon's normal damage (plus any bonuses or penalties, which are not doubled).

The target of the attack does not receive any saving throw or spell resistance check.

The magic of the spell is such that the power makes the attacker look "more real" and also overwhelms him; the target may only move at half speed and make his attack.

For the spell to work, the target must give the caster any nonliving, nonsentient item that the target owns worth 100gp or more (or else the most expensive item the target owns). It must be held by the caster until the target makes his attack, at which point it shimmers and fades away, never to be seen again, even by a wish.

The spell ends if three rounds pass without the target making his attack, the target is killed, the target lets go of his chosen weapon, the chosen weapon is destroyed, the caster lets go of the precious object, or the precious object is destroyed. If the spell ends early, the target still can only move at half speed (and possibly make his single attack, but without the automatic hit and damage bonuses) for the rest of that round.

Material Component: The precious item.

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