Ooze Mimicry
Level: Psion 3
Display: Auditory (see below)
Manifestation Time: 1 standard action
Range: Personal
Target: Object held (see below)
Duration: See below
Saving Throw: Will negates (object)
Power Resistance: Yes (object)
Power Points: 5

This power allows you to absorb any item you're holding into your body. The item must be less than 10% your weight, and less than ¼ your height. The item remains absorbed until you decide to harmlessly expell it (a standard action).

After one hour, whenever you take damage of any sort, you have to make a will save vs. an initial DC of 15, with a bonus to the roll equal to your manifester level. However, starting in the second hour, you take a -2 pentalty to this save, which increases by -2 every hour thereafter. (After six hours, the save is at a -10 penalty. At twelve hours, it's a -14 penalty.) If a save is failed, or if you fall unconcious, the item is forcefully expelled. This causes you to suffer 2d4 damage and forces the item to make a fortitude save vs. DC 20 with a bonus equal to your manifester level. Failure on this save means the item was damaged, or possibly even destroyed.

A successful negate power used on you causes the item to be forcefully expelled. Any teleportation of you forces a will save vs. DC 10, with failure indicating that the item is expelled en route, disintegrating the item and causing 3d6 damage to you. Magical items may make a fortitude save vs. DC 10 to avoid disintegration (generally leaving them intact on the Astral Plane).

You may absorb (through extra uses of this power) multiple items, so long as their combined mass does not exceed 10% of your weight. Items absorbed via the arcane Absorb spell do not count against this limit.

The auditory display happens when you initially manifest the power, when you expel the object, and every time you succeed on a will save to keep the object. You can make a Concentration check when you first manifest the power (DC 15 + power level) to mute the initial display and all subsequent displays.

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