Cannibalize Item [Item Creation]

Choose either arcane, divine or psionic. You can draw the energies from an item of that type to offset the XP cost of creating a new item of the same general type.

Prerequisite: Any Item Creation feat that can create an item of the type you chose.

Benefit: You may only use this feat on an item that you can create with your current feats and at your current level.

You may draw an amount of XP equal to 1/25th the item's base price in gp. If the item has charges (such as a wand), and the item is not full, the amount of XP is multiplied by the number of charges left, then divided by the number of charges the item had when full. (Example: A wand of fireballs that casts at fifth level costs 450xp when full. If there were only 15 charges left, you would only receieve 135xp (450 * 15 / 50).) You may cannibalize more than one item in the process of creating a single item. You can not partially drain a item; it's all or nothing.

For every 500xp drawn from a single cannibalized item, add one day to the length of time needed to create the new item. You may not cannibalize so many items that the length of time more than doubles. If you draw more XP from cannibalized items than you need to create the new item, the extra XP is lost.

A cannibalized item loses all magical properties, but is still considered masterwork.

Special: You may take this feat multiple times. Each time, it applies to a new type of item (arcane, divine or psionic).

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