Psionic Powers

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Psychometabolic devotion
Psionics Handbook Version
Power Score: CON - 5
Initialization Cost: 10
Maintenance Cost: 10/round
Range: Touch
Preparation Time: 0
Area of Effect: One Object
Prerequisite: Cell Adjustment
Skills and Powers Version
MAC: 7
PSP Cost: 10/5
Range: Touch
Area of Effect: Personal
Prerequisite: Cell Adjustment

This power alters the psionicists body so that one object, not more than 25% of the psionicists body weight, and ¼ the psionicists height, will be absorbed into the psionicists body. The item need not make any saves while in the psionicist's body. If the maintenance cost goes unpaid while the object is still inside the psionicist, it is immediately completely absorbed by the psi's body. Swords and other objects will cause damage, maybe instant death, if absorbed, potions and food will be consumed, etc.

Psionics Handbook optional effects:

Power Score: Maintenance is reduced to 5 PSPs a round and if it goes unpaid, the item will be silently expelled, if desired.

20: The power seems to work, but the body suddenly and violently rejects the item, causing 1d8 damage to the psi. The item must save versus crushing blow or be damaged or destroyed.

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