Rolled Attributes
Stat Min Max Modifier
Strength 3 18 No exceptional strength
Dexterity 3 18 +1
Constitution 3 18
Intelligence 5 18
Wisdom 3 18 -1
Charisma 3 18
Aging Modifications
Category Age Effects
Starting Age 12 + 1d6 <None>
Middle Age 35 -1 STR / CON
+1 INT / WIS
Old Age 55 -2 STR / DEX
-1 CON
+1 WIS
Venerable 70 (4d8 more till death) -1 STR / DEX / CON
+1 INT / WIS
Physical Stats
Stat Modifier Base (Male) Base (Female)
Weight +2d20 110 90
Height +3d6 56 54
Physical Traits
Eye Color Hair Color
Blue, Green, or Brown Greenish- Blonde or Greenish- Brown

Half-sprites are people whose ancestors include humans and woodsprites. If there are more human ancestors than woodsprite ancestors, the person is human. Otherwise, he or she is a half-sprite. Woodsprites have only woodsprites as ancestors. Half-sprites have no real culture of their own, prefering to blend into the human or woodspritish society they live in. The chart at the bottom of this page shows what classes half-sprites can pick from, their level limits, and their multi-class options.

Half-sprites have shorter lifespan than a human, but more abilities than a woodsprite. Some half-sprites have pseudo-wings on their backs, but they are never usable in any situation. They have slightly pointed ears and either brown or blonde hair, mixed in with alot of green. They are larger than woodsprites, but smaller than a normal human. If raised in a woodsprite culture, they can receive the +1 bonus to blowguns that full-blooded woodsprites gain naturally. They do not receive the other bonuses.

Half-sprites are often the brunt of predjudice in both human and woodspritish populations. Like half-elves, this often turns them into loners.

There is a 3rd edition version of this race.

Racial Abilities:

Class Options
Class Level Limit Multi- Class Choices
Bard Unlimited
Cleric 12 Fighter or Thief
Druid 11
Fighter 14 Cleric or Thief
Mage 10 Thief
(Elemental or Wild)
Psionicist 14 Thief
Ranger 12
Thief 16 Cleric, Fighter, Mage, Psionicist, or Transmuter
Transmuter 10 Thief
Thief Adjustments
Pick Pockets Find / Remove Traps Move Silently Hide in Shadows Detect Noise Climb Walls
+5 +5 +10 -5 +10 +5
Never trust a smiling bard dating your only daughter.
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