Prismatic Wildwall
Abjuration [Wild]
Level: Sor/Wiz 8
Components: V,S
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Close (25 ft + 5 ft/2 levels)
Effect: Wall 4 ft/level wide, 2 ft/level high
Duration: 10 minutes/level (D)
Saving Throw: See below
Spell Resistance: See below

Prismatic Wildwall functions as Prismatic Wall, but it contains fewer colors, and they are in a different order each time. It creates a vertical, opaque wall -- a shimmering, multicolored plane of light that protects you from most attacks. The wall flashes with colors, each of which has a distinct power and purpose. The wall is immobile, and you can pass through and remain near the wall without harm. However, any other creature with less than 8 HD that is within 20 feet of the wall is blinded for 2d4 rounds by the colors if it looks at the wall.

The wall's maximum proportions are 4 feet wide per caster level and 2 feet high per caster level. A prismatic wall spell cast to materialize in a space occupied by a creature is disrupted, and the spell is wasted.

Each color in the wall has a special effect. The accompanying table shows the seven colors possible in the wall, the order in which they normally appear, their effects on creatures trying to attack you or pass through the wall, and the magic needed to negate each color.

The wall can be destroyed, color by color, in consecutive order, by various magical effects; however, the first color must be brought down before the second can be affected, and so on. A rod of cancellation or a mage's disjunction spell destroys a prismatic wall, but an antimagic field fails to penetrate it. Dispel magic and greater dispel magic cannot dispel the wall or anything beyond it. Spell resistance is effective against a prismatic wall, but the caster level check must be repeated for each color present.

Prismatic Wildwall can be made permanent with a permanency spell.

ColorOrderEffect of ColorNegated By
Red1stStops nonmagical ranged weapons. Deals 20 points of fire damage (Reflex half).Cone of cold
Orange2ndStops magical ranged weapons. Deals 40 points of acid damage (Reflex half).Gust of wind
Yellow3rdStops poisons, gases, and petrification. Deals 80 points of electricity damage (Reflex half).Disintegrate
Green4thStops breath weapons. Poison (Kills; Fortitude partial for 1d6 points of Con damage instead).Passwall
Blue5thStops divination and mental attacks. Turned to stone (Fortitude negates).Magic missile
Indigo6thStops all spells. Will save or become insane (as insanity spell).Daylight
Violet7thEnergy field destroys all objects and effects. Creatures sent to another plane (Will negates).Dispel magic
Swapping Table
d20New Order
1Swap Red and Orange
2Swap Red and Yellow
3Swap Red and Green
4Swap Red and Blue
5Swap Red and Indigo
6Swap Orange and Yellow
7Swap Orange and Green
8Swap Orange and Blue
9Swap Orange and Indigo
10Swap Yellow and Green
11Swap Yellow and Blue
12Swap Yellow and Indigo
13Swap Yellow and Violet
14Swap Green and Blue
15Swap Green and Indigo
16Swap Green and Violet
17Swap Blue and Indigo
18Swap Blue and Violet
19Swap Indigo and Violet
20Reverse the order of all colors
Removal Table
d20Remove Colors
1-2Remove Red
3-4Remove Orange
5-6Remove Yellow
7-8Remove Green
9-10Remove Blue
11-12Remove Indigo
13-14Remove Violet
15Remove Red and Violet
16Remove Orange and Violet
17Remove Yellow and Violet
18Remove Green and Violet
19Remove Blue and Violet
20Remove Indigo and Violet

To determine the configuration of your wall, first roll three times on the Swapping Table, making adjustments to the order of the colors each time. Then, roll on the Removal Table to see which colors are removed. A Wildwall always has five or six colors, never the full seven.

A creature within 20 feet of the wildwall and perfect vision can tell which colors are flashing across the wall. If that creature is familiar with Prismatic Wall and makes a Spellcraft check vs. DC 17 + your adjusted caster level, he can tell in which order your Prismatic Wildwall is arranged.

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