True Woodsprite Flight (Pathfinder Feat) [General]

You have strengthened your wings and can control your falls better.

Prerequisite: Woodsprite with Gliding Wings.

Benefit: You gain a Fly speed of 20 feet, and you always treat Fly as if it were a class skill. Your maneuverability is considered clumsy, but your effective penalty on Fly checks is -10. This includes the penalty for clumsy movment (-8), the bonus for Small size (+2), and an additional -4 penalty.

This feat serves as a prerequisite to the Flyby Attack, Hover and Wingover feats.

Special: You can take this feat up to six times. The second time, your Fly speed increases by 10 feet and your penalty becomes the normal -6 for a Small, clumsy flyer. Any subsequent time you take this feat, your Fly speed increases by another 10 feet and your maneuverability increases a step: Poor (-2), Average (+2), Good (+6), Perfect (+10).

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