Disjunction [Death]
Suggested Alternate School: Necromancy
Sor/Wiz 9
Casting Time:
8 hours
10 ft/level strong radiation
1 day/level
Saving Throw:
Spell Resistance:


This spell, sadly, readily accepts permanency (must be 17th level or higher, costs 4,500 XP). The area affected by this spell becomes disjoined to the extent that one demi-human race, or one species of animal (magical or not) cannot enter the area, under penalty of death. The fabric of that portion of the universe can no longer support that type of creature's soul. Creatures so affected will sense that the area is "not all right" and will seek to avoid it. If approached cautiously, the spell delivers 4d10 points of damage to the creature that it wards against. If the internal warnings go unheeded, or the creature cannot prevent itself from entering the area, it is killed outright. Charmed creatures told to go into a dangerous Jalakala are immediately uncharmed due to the oposition felt in the core of their beings.

There cannot be any living examples of the race or species to be warded from in the area when the spell is cast, or it fails. Only one Jalakala spell can be operating in one area at a time. A second Jalakala attempt will always fail.

The spell can be keyed very specifically or very broadly, though not extremely broadly. For example, an Elf Jalakala would turn away Drow and Grey Elves, but a Sylvan Elf Jalakala would turn away and affect neither. An All Undead Jalakala is acceptable, as is an All Wolf Jalakala, but an All Canine Jalakala transcends species boundaries too much to be used. Hybrids are only affected by Jalakala's aimed specifically at them. Hence, a Half-Sylvan Elf would not fear the Sylvan Elf Jalakala spoke of above.

A version of this spell, now long lost, was used by the Demio to render the once-gleaming city of Ruhl into a monster-ridden hellhole. The spell was cast after the city was sacked and all its inhabitants removed, and it was powerful enough to prohibit the entry of every major human, humanoid, and demi-human race, save the Demio. Some unconfirmed reports even indicated that the city was not devoid of every inhabitant, and that those who were inside when the spell was cast were either killed or transformed into some of the grotesque monstrosities that now live there. Thankfully, the secret of this spell was lost when the Demio were defeated.... though some doom cultists say it can be found again.

A few spells exist that counter the effects of Jalakala, most notably Protection From Jalakala.

Component? (a specially crafted gem worth no less than 5000gp engraved with the name of the race or species that will be affected, and a dead corpse of the race or species)