Amberlei's Imperial Assassin

Disjunction [Death]
Suggested Alternate School: Transmutation
Sor/Wiz 7
Casting Time:
1 round
Medium (100 ft + 10 ft/level)
A breach in reality
1 round/level
Saving Throw:
See below
Spell Resistance:

This spell creates a movable breach of the fabric of the universe (referred to as The Lock) keyed to a certain creature or person (referred to as The Key). It is utterly insubstantial and can pass through any physical obstacle, except for force effects and an antimagic field. The only other spells that can affect it are wish and limited wish. The Lock always initially appears within 10 feet of the caster and looks like a formless "hole" in midair.

By concentrating (and doing nothing more strenuous than moving at half speed), the caster can cause The Lock to move at double his normal speed, and make a touch attack versus The Key. If it succeeds, The Key is allowed a reflex save vs. DC 25 to avoid The Lock. If it fails, The Key is pulled into The Lock, sealing it up and killing The Key instantly. Only a wish can revive or contact the target, as it is now part of the fabric of the universe.

This spell temporarily halves the caster's constitution, which returns at a rate of 1 point/day. The caster may not attempt the spell again before all of his points return, or he will die. The verbal component of the spell must incorporate the true name of The Key, or it fails.

This spell is named for the only use Amberlei ever put it to- the assassination of Emperor Antonio I of Aldeemah-Ruhl. It made Amberlei, a specialist disjoiner, one of the most reviled men in history, and practically hammered the last nail in the school of disjunction's coffin. Even hundreds of years later, people still burn "disjoiners" at the stake in "retaliation" for that assassination.

Material Component: A hair from a displacer beast and a hair, nail clipping or other severed body part from The Key.

All of part of Amberlei's Imperial Assassin is available as open game content.